Broken Hearted

Copper etching is one of my least favorite relief printing processes! The copper plate is covered in wax on the surface, then you etch into the wax to create your image. The plate then sits in acid for four hours and eats away at the copper. Once you clean off the wax, you are left with tiny hair-like grooves etched into the copper. The key is to spread the ink on and WIPE it off several times so that there is enough ink sitting in those grooves to print with on dampened paper. That is the part of the process that I didn't find exciting. It was messy and tedious trying to clean off all the thick ink. The end result is wonderful.. but it was a little too much work for me!

I did not come up with the concept of the character. I found this image online and added hair to the girl and the whispy weed-like border.

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